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Campaigning for desperate mothers seeking to save their children

Alarmingly, more and more Romanian women are struggling to win custody of their children, after living through hell with their foreign husbands. These women and children cope with a sheer nightmare, the divorce and custody battles reaching highs difficult to imagine.

In most of the situations, the mothers’ fight for their children is a fight for life. Their only weapons are the love for their children, courage and hope, while in most of the cases the law is being manipulated against them in countries where they are total strangers.

Like it happened in Cristescu case vs. Hector Bitar, the ex-husband of Mexican nationality. Threatened with death, Irina was eventually forced to take her baby, Alessia, and flee Mexic, seeking refuge and justice in Romania.

Her dramatic story drew Corina Vintan’s attention, who decided to campaign pro bono for the victims, Irina and Alessia Cristescu. In a highly emotional effort, the Agency provided Cristescu family with public affairs and communication support in order to counter a Romanian Court decision that had placed Alessia in the custody of her proven abusive Mexican father.

The Agency built a support movement for Irina and Alessia, which generated empathy and activism. Cristescu case had a happy end and stands itself as a “Case Study”. Irina and Alessia are living evidence of the victory of the good against the evil.

For hundreds of other women, the nightmare continues. So does our effort to help them.

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