About us

Links is a key player on the Romanian market of Public Affairs, Crisis Communication and Public Relations, working for projects with high stakes for society and economy. Since 2007, our mission was to push the boundaries of the conventional thinking and bring the change within the business sector. Our challenge is to connect the brands and companies with the society and make them relevant for the local communities. In a complex and changing world where media redefines constantly and ordinary people become more informed, more active and engaged, we believe companies should take a leading role in the communities where they are operating in order to create engagement, welfare and trust.

At Links, we understand that we face a new world of communications – a world where the power of true, genuine and meaningful storytelling changes destinies and communities. Our role is to generate original and enthusiastic content that creates conversations between brands and ordinary people.

We believe in independence, diversity of views and transparency. Our role is also to facilitate access and dialogue with relevant stakeholders for a large category of interest groups. At Links, we believe in the power of consultation and effective democracy that brings together all the interested groups in the decision making process.

We are a communications boutique of trusted advisors, storytellers, creative writers, strategists and advocates. We approach each client or issue as a unique undertaking from the initial assignment. Our analysts and strategists partner with the writers, the storytellers and the accounts in order to ensure excellence of our services. We believe in the partnership with our clients and we serve it.