HOSPICE Casa Sperantei Foundation built a socio-medical Center

December 19th, 2017 – HOSPICE Casa Sperantei Foundation organized a Christmas concert marking a very important step of its latest project, the Socio-Medical Center from Adunaţii Copăceni. The main building of the Center – a historical building and manor of the property – was completely renovated. This is a project imagined exclusively for children facing incurable diseases and it is a unique project in Eastern Europe.
Child patients and their families, donors, representatives of local authorities and supporters of the palliative care cause attended the event.
Adunatii-Copaceni Center campus, disposed on the land donated by the Florescu family, has 5 buildings where various forms of therapy can be conducted, while kids and their families are being taken care of. It was imagined and designed to be a space where children with life-limiting diseases and their families can find shelter and comfort.